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3 Features to Consider for Your Custom Rug

Some homeowners prefer tile and wood floors instead of carpeting their entire home. However, you can get the same effect with area rugs. Area rugs provide your home with comfort and warmth while bringing artistic value to the room. Read on to find out what to consider when making your custom rug design in Seattle.

Consider your Lifestyle

You must consider where you are planning to put the rug. If you are placing your rug in a high-traffic area, then you want a design that is easy to clean. Your custom rug design in Seattle also should be durable. Good materials to choose for high-traffic areas are wool, seagrass and synthetic blends. It helps to make sure you choose a rug that compliments your lifestyle.

Choose a Color

You have to consider the color scheme of the room when choosing a design. It helps to tie the area rug in with the color scheme of your room. For example, if you have a solid color sofa, then you should pair with a rug that has a pattern of colors. You can also choose a solid color rug, but it should match the accessories in the room. When choosing a color, the rug design should have at least two of the main colors from the color scheme.

Choose a Shape

The shape sets the tone for your room. Round rugs are a good option for round rooms or rooms with round furniture. They also make a small space appear larger and feel cozy.

A square shape complements a square room and pairs well with a square table. If you choose a rectangle shape for your rug, then you can put it in any room. The rectangle is versatile and has a traditional appeal.

An area rug is the anchor of the room and can set the mood. Contact Mafi Rugs at

3 Features to Consider for Your Custom Rug www.mafirugs.com to discuss your design.

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