3 Quick Tips to Properly Fit Your Music Earphones

Trying to enjoy music on your earphones? If you’re looking for the right way to position them, here are a few quick tips to make them fit even more comfortably.

Change the Ear Pieces

An important tip for a proper fit is to try the different silicone and foam tips that come with your pair of music earphones. Fit them over each bud on the earphone. You may use different sizes depending on the size of each of your ears. Once you get the perfect match where both your left and right ear feels comfortable, you are good to go.

Reposition the Ear Tip

For the highest definition of sound quality, you should seat your earphones to your ear canal. With a gentle hand, grab hold of the outer rim of your ear and fasten the tip into a comfortable placement.

You will immediately take notice of a change in the way bass, ambience and range sounds when listening to your music on earphones. All of these changes should be more enhanced.

Reseat the Tip During Activity

Your music earphones may fall out of your ear if you’re running, jogging or otherwise moving. This shifts the placement of the ear tips in your ear. A good piece of advice for a secure fit is to place the “L” shaped side into your right ear. Next, place the “R” shaped side into your left ear. Before making the switch, be sure your music earphones allow each side to be placed in the associated ear. If not, switch the buds back into their original positions.

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