3 Reasons To Buy New Vintage Style Engagement Rings May12


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3 Reasons To Buy New Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Many women today want to have a vintage style of ring for their engagement. This leads a lot of men to assume they have to go to antique shops and boutiques to try to find just the perfect ring that has that style of the past that is ideally suited to their soon to be fiancé’s liking.

While shopping in antique stores or through online site offering vintage rings may allow you to find just the right match, there is actually a lot of risk involved. This is why many men choose to buy vintage style engagement rings that are perfect in every way in the design but are brand new from the jeweler.

Accuracy and Authenticity

Buying from an antique store or an online site leaves the buyer in a very difficult position. All sales are typically final, and these sites and stores rarely, if ever, have a qualified professional complete the appraisal.

This means that you may buy a replica ring assuming it is the genuine article, or you may find those diamonds are cubic zirconia and the setting is gold plate and not real gold.

Buying from an online site or an antique store may also create more problems in finding just the right style. These specialized types of dealers typically have very limited selection, and the price is often higher that a new ring with identical gemstones and settings.

Ability to Customize

The best jewelry stores, either retail or online, will be able to provide vintage style engagement rings that offer some customization depending on the ring. This includes sizing of course, but it may also include your choice of setting from rose gold to white gold or platinum to 14k or 18k yellow gold.

Some of the ring designs may also allow you to add custom selected gemstones and diamonds to the setting for a unique look with the vintage style

Warranties and Repair Concerns

With the new vintage style engagement rings from a reputable jeweler, there will be a warranty with the ring. Additionally, these rings will have the prongs and settings in perfect shape, carefully protecting and holding the diamonds and other gems in place.

With older vintage rings it is very likely that prongs or the setting itself may need repair. This not only adds to the cost of the ring, but it can impact the overall look of the ring depending on the skills of the jeweler completing the repair. With new rings this is never an issue, and the ring will be a perfect gift for your bride-to-be.

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