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3 Reasons to Call in a Flight Nurse

A flight transport nurse is a professional who helps to move people with active medical conditions from one place to another. If this sounds like an obscure position to hold, you might be surprised; many people require the services of these nurses every day. Here are just a few reasons why you might need a flight nurse:

Your Condition is Emergent

Traveling with a medical condition is never enjoyable but traveling with an unstable or emergent condition is especially frightening. Patients who need to be transported on an emergent basis and cannot go by ground often need to be transported via plane or helicopter. When this happens, a flight transport nurse can both help them remain medically stable and help calm their fears as they are taken to the medical center where they will be treated.

You Have Difficulty Communicating

Some patients who otherwise do not have disabilities but may have minor medical conditions alongside an inability to properly communicate their needs find transport nurses helpful. A travel nurse can act as an advocate, helping these patients find accessible seating and the recourse they need to remain safe and comfortable.

You are Unable to Travel Unassisted

Many people who have major medical conditions or disabilities are unable to travel comfortably or safely. This doesn’t just mean traveling for vacations and leisure. Many of these people are not even able to make it to long-distance specialist appointments or transfer to better hospitals out of their area because of their inability to comfortably fly.

A flight nurse helps to reduce the discomfort associated with flying for these patients. They also make flying safer by providing regular, non-emergency medical care throughout the journey. Whether it’s maintaining eating and sleeping schedules, administering medication or just keeping tabs on a patient’s health these professionals are very important to sick, injured, and disabled passengers everywhere.

For more information about flight nursing and where to hire a flight transport nurse, talk to your local provider of travel nursing services. They can help you or your loved one enjoy flying again – and get where you need to go.

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