3 Signs A Business Needs To Hire Managed IT Service Providers Jan12


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3 Signs A Business Needs To Hire Managed IT Service Providers

It is not uncommon for small businesses in the Dallas area to start as home businesses or Mom and Pop types of companies. In a few months or years, many of these businesses find they are generating significant revenue, and their basic options in computing technology are no longer keeping pace.

For some small businesses, hardware and software are randomly added to the infrastructure, creating a complicated, inefficient, and often highly insecure computer network. There is no IT professional in-house, and only basic security is used to protect sensitive business and customer data and information.

These types of business networks create a high risk for security breaches and hacking. The following three signs are clear indications you need to hire managed IT service providers to prevent security breaches and to maintain the network and infrastructure.

Network Performance Issues

Adding on different components of hardware, end-point devices, software programs and even cloud-based apps can create performance problems in the network. Managed IT service providers can evaluate and configure your network to increase performance and reliability.

High Service and Repair Costs

Rather than hiring costly hourly IT professionals, managed IT service providers provide system support and maintenance for a set cost. This allows a small business in Dallas to budget for IT support and maximize their use of services.

Critical Systems at Risk

Many small businesses do not have backup and disaster recovery in place. Managed IT companies can set up and integrate these services, protecting your critical data in the event of file corruption, hacking, or other unexpected types of data loss.

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