3 Signs You Should Call a Newnan GA Electrician to Repair a Light Fixture Jun22


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3 Signs You Should Call a Newnan GA Electrician to Repair a Light Fixture

Even though your home may have good wiring, there’s no telling when an electrical problem will arise. Since you use your home’s lights frequently, it will be more common to need a light fixture repair in Newnan GA. Being able to recognize the early signs of this type of problem will help you know when to call for help.

Flickering Lights

The first sign that there’s a problem with a light fixture will be a flickering light. In most cases, a loose bulb is the culprit. However, if you have tightened the bulb and the light still flickers, there may be a short in the wiring. In that case, you’ll be better off calling an electrician for help.

Scorch Marks

You should also keep your eye on the condition of the fixture itself. If you see black scorch marks on the fixture or on the surrounding wall, you’re experiencing a more serious problem. In that situation, you should shut off the power going to that room before you call for help.

Blown Bulbs

Another indication that you need light fixture repair in Newnan, GA is that a specific light continuously blows out bulbs. You should try reducing the wattage of your bulbs if you think you might be trying to draw too much power from the fixture. If you need more light in that room, consider adding additional light fixtures. Otherwise, an electrician can diagnose and repair the problem for you.

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