3 Things PeopleSoft Consultants Should Know in Order to Gain Command Nov29


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3 Things PeopleSoft Consultants Should Know in Order to Gain Command

PeopleSoft consultant roles have changed a lot over the years. Consultants have to be experts in multiple areas, especially most PeopleSoft skills. This is highly crucial, in fact, some PeopleSoft consultants have actually lost their job as a result of being incapable of adapting to the new technology. Here are three important things that every consultant should know to guarantee a successful journey in PeopleSoft:

  • PeopleSoft Architecture

When you operate any type of vehicle or technology, you should know exactly what it takes to operate it correctly. You don’t need to know every tiny detail of the ins and outs, just enough to get an overall idea. The same thing goes with PeopleSoft. Whether you’re a developer, end user, or anything else, it is important that you have a basic grasp of PeopleSoft architecture.

  • The Basics of the PeopleSoft Development

If you’re a person that works to give support for PeopleSoft, you should be very familiar with the development. Developers use that development tool quite often, while the administrators use the application designer to get through most of the daily tasks. End users also use application designer to get to 2-tier OS Query tool so they can run various queries in the application.

You should be able to easily identify a filed, page, record, component, etc. You should also know to register a component as well, along with many other things.

  • PeopleSoft Upgrade

As the world continues to change, there are new features being introduced and brought into the system. Whether it’s a new launch of technology or an update to PeopleSoft, there’s no way around change. You may have taken part in an upgrade in the past. No matter what part you played in that process as a consultant at PeopleSoft, it is going to be long and difficult if you’re not prepared for what you’re getting into.

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