3 Tips to Help You Find Good Off Campus Housing Next Semester

Before you start your search for apartments in Gainesville, FL, for students, you should have a basic list of priorities. These are the “must have” issues that you can’t do without. In addition to specific amenities, such as looking for a pet-friendly community, you should examine the condition of the property. Listing specific items to look at will help ensure you don’t forget anything.

Examine the Exterior Fixtures

As you tour any off-campus property, pay close attention to the exterior of the grounds. The grass should be short and any flower gardens should look healthy. Even if the lighting isn’t turned on, you can look at the condition if the exterior lighting fixtures. Look at the condition of the security gates, safety railings, and other exterior features.

Check Out the Common Areas

As you’re guided through common areas, such as the fitness center and swimming pool, take your time to look at the quality of the equipment and facilities. Look for cracked or damaged cement, murky pool water, or missing equipment. In the fitness room, test the equipment to see that it functions properly.

Touring the Unit

As you tour apartments in Gainesville, FL, for students, you’ll be shown a rental unit. This may be a unit reserved for showing or it may be the unit you will be renting. Be sure to ask if the unit you tour is just for show. When you do see your rental unit, look for broken glass, missing lights, and loose tiles. Before moving into a unit, take pictures of any damage or missing items to ensure you’re not held responsible for fixing them.

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