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3 Urgent Reasons to Seek Emergency Dentistry in New Ross

Most of the time, the only contact we have with our dentist is when we attend our regular check-up. This allows the dentist to examine our teeth to confirm we enjoy good dental health.

Most people recognise the importance of regular check-ups. However, even those who take good care of their teeth may eventually need emergency dentistry in New Ross area. This can occur when infections, accidents, and other issues arise. Here we learn of three reasons why we should seek urgent help.

Bad Toothache

If you have ever woken with a severe toothache, you know how painful and distressing it is to experience. Toothache is a clear sign something is wrong, and it should not be ignored. The sooner treatment is sought, the more likely it is we can resolve the issue.

A Tooth that is Broken or Knocked Out

Teeth can break or be knocked out in an accident. This may occur during a fall or another accident that involves an impact to the mouth. If this occurs, rinsing the tooth and holding it only by the top rather than the root increases the chances of recovering it. It may be possible to put the tooth back in, but if you are unsure, place the tooth in some milk and seek emergency dentistry in New Ross immediately.

Loss of a Crown or Filling

Fillings and crowns usually stay in place without incident. However, there are times when they fall out. Dentists create a new crown to replace the old one, but you may be able to clean and replace the old one to protect the remainder of the tooth before you see them. Fillings are replaced with new ones, but it is imperative to seek help as quickly as you can to avoid any chance of infection or other issues.

If you wake up with toothache, have an accident that causes damage to your teeth, or experience pain, emergency dentistry in New Ross is vital. Visit Dillondental.ie now to learn more.

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