3 Ways Mastectomy Swimwear Can Help You Feel Confident This Summer Jun07


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3 Ways Mastectomy Swimwear Can Help You Feel Confident This Summer

A downside of having breast surgery is the requirement that you must reconsider your entire closet. This includes swimwear.

But, the upside to this is there are several ways to feel confident and sexy again in your new mastectomy swimwear. Today, post-surgical suits are designed with both fashion and function in mind, and they are no longer aimed at older women who choose modest styles and simple designs. These fun summer wardrobe additions are available in beautiful colors and patterns, as well as simple neutrals and classics.

Here are a few ways that mastectomy swimwear will help you feel confident this summer:

1. You Have Options

Mastectomy swimsuits come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Want to know your style? Consider the following things, are you a fan of one-pieces? Do you like tankinis or bikinis? Or do you like flattering swim dresses, cover-ups, and elegant sarongs?

* One-Piece

A classic one-piece swimsuit with a flattering, supportive fit is a fantastic option for those who wear breast forms or breast prostheses. Simply place the forms into sewn pockets inside your suit, and you can trust that everything will stay in place.

* Swim Dress

For women who want more coverage on the legs, a swim dress is a perfect choice. Swim dresses, equipped with pockets for your breast forms, provide even better support than a classic one-piece which should allow you to feel confident at the beach.

* Swim Top and Bottoms

Swim tops and bottoms allow women to create their very own look. This style allows women to feel comfortable at the beach without revealing lots of skin.

These ensembles typically look more like beachwear or casual clothing, but they can be worn in the water. These come in many colors, patterns, and styles, so you can mix and match to create your own original beach look.

* Sarong

The sarong allows women to control how much leg they want to expose; it wraps around the waist and is left to flow down loosely.

This wardrobe accessory creates a sense of confidence in women.

2. Mastectomy Swimwear Has Special Features for Your Convenience

Several special features of mastectomy swimwear can help you feel your most confident self this summer.

* Breast Pockets

If you have breast forms, you will need to find swimwear that can hold your breast forms in place securely. Many mastectomy swimsuit designers include sewn-in pockets for this purpose in their one-pieces, tankinis, swim dresses, and tops that can hold breast prostheses in place while you are swimming, without slipping.

* Adjustable Straps

Suits with adjustable straps help you personalize the fit of your swimsuit, so it flatters the shape of your body and holds your forms in place.
Adjustable straps allow you to feel confident in the security of your breast forms because once they’re at the right length, they won’t shift or loosen on the shoulders.

* High Necklines and Small Armholes

Breast surgery scars kill confidence when it comes to the beach or the pool. Swimwear that features high necklines and armhole openings give a natural look with breast prostheses and also hide most surgical scars.

Also, a high neckline sits flat on the skin to mask the appearance of gaps in the chest.

* High Cut Bottoms

High cut bathing suit bottoms have been brought back into fashion to complement the look of your legs and waist. This flattering style accentuates your hips and allows you to feel sexy and confident after mastectomy surgery.

3. Post-Surgical Swimwear is Available in Bold Patterns and Prints

Choose bold patterns and prints when shopping for mastectomy swimsuits. Bold colors and patterns are not only in style, but they also act as a cover-up to imperfections and areas in which you feel self-conscious.

You could pair a neutral bathing suit bottom with a bright, patterned top to spice up your appearance, or do the opposite to take attention away from your chest.

Also, a small all-over-print swimsuit can create a narrowing effect on the waist to give you a more petite silhouette.

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