4 Tips to Eating Healthy at a Restaurant in Biloxi, MS Feb17


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4 Tips to Eating Healthy at a Restaurant in Biloxi, MS

Many people struggle to manage weight and stay healthy. This can be especially difficult when you go out to dinner where the food can be quite decadent. Here are 4 tips to eating healthy at a family restaurant in Biloxi, MS.

1. Eat Half of Your Meal

When you order a meal at a restaurant, you don’t necessarily have to eat all of it. If you eat half the meal and take the other half home with you for lunch the next day, you are only consuming half of the calories. Don’t eat just to finish something. If you are full eating half of it, stop eating.

2. Pick the Right Meal

You need to be careful about what item you choose to order while at a restaurant. There are certain things you should really pay attention to in the description of the meal. Words like “tempura”, “crispy”, and “rich” indicate fried or creamy foods that typically come with a large amount of calories and fat. Stick instead to things that are “baked” or “grilled”. Also, choose lean means with lots of vegetables. If you have the option, choose whole grain rice instead of white rice or fried rice.

3. Skip Dessert

You don’t need to eat dessert after your meal. Most desserts are empty calories. Just say no. If people absolutely insist, only take a small bite and leave the rest.

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