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5 Benefits of Treatments by Acupuncture Specialists in New York City

Acupuncture is the process of sticking thin needles in the skin at various points to balance the body’s energy. This treatment can also relieve a number of physical and mental conditions. Here are several key benefits of going to an acupuncture specialist:

Experienced Team

Acupuncture is a system of integrative medicine that has been passed down by generations of Chinese practitioners. Today’s acupuncture treatment in NYC may also be given by those who have earned bachelor’s or master’s degrees in this method from accredited schools. Experienced professionals who have received either type of instruction know how to treat various conditions.

Relieve Many Physical Problems

Acupuncture specialists can relieve you of many ailments and conditions, including painful muscles and joints, compromised immune systems, high blood pressure, nausea from chemotherapy, and allergies. These professionals can also use acupuncture to help you reduce stress and improve your mental clarity.

Not a Painful Procedure

Most practitioners who specialize in acupuncture treatment in NYC are trained to make the procedure as painless as possible. Although some discomfort may be involved, most patients get used to the treatments and come to enjoy the benefits.

Covered by Insurance

Today’s acupuncture treatments are usually covered by most insurance companies. This enables you to get treatments for as long as you need to alleviate your problem.

Other Services

Most providers of acupuncture treatment in NYC offer other helpful services including herbal medicine treatments, vibroacoustic therapy, moxibustion, cupping, and bodywork. This gives you access to different Asian methods that can benefit your condition.

Acupuncture treatments from a qualified specialist can help you overcome many physical limitations. The services are usually quite reasonable if your insurance doesn’t cover them.

At Work In Progress Acupuncture Studio, a comprehensive Eastern medicine practice, our board-certified specialists work together to bring you the best patient-centered care in New York City. Visit us today at

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