5 Etiquette Rules to House Open House Buying

Potential home owners and eager home buyers these days often take advantage of open houses to get the best deals. But before you jump to one open house party to another, make sure you know the proper way these things are done. It wouldn’t do your reputation any good if you make a social blunder and might even hurt your chances of getting a good deal. So here are a few things to keep in mind, according to HGTV:

  1. Have a strategy. If you plan on going on a Saturday, don’t think an hour would cut it. Expect to use the rest of your afternoon going from one to the next. Make sure you hit up as many in one area as you can. Be sure you rearrange your schedule so you have more than enough time to stay in each one. Travel time to and from the sites should also be considered.
  2. Pick comfortable attire. While it’s not a fashion run, keep in mind that shorts and a shirt won’t do for open houses as well. Go for something comfortable and yet professional. You’ll be doing a lot of walking and might have to go up and down several flights of stairs for different houses. Choose a pair of shoes that’s more comfortable than ankle-breaking high heels.
  3. Practice politeness. Think the agent who’s holding the open house is a bit on the pushy side? Don’t let your irritation win. Instead, be as polite as possible. If the agent keeps on insisting that you hire him for a job, be firm in your refusal. Thank him for the offer and make your escape as fast as you can. If you’re rude, word of it might around and you might find yourself unwelcome in many other open houses or worst being talked about behind your back.
  4. Ask for permission. Before you whip out your phone and start taking snapshots of the rooms, keep in mind that someone else stills owns the property. Make sure you ask for permission first before you start snapping away.
  5. Don’t rummage. While it’s expected for you to look, even check the width or size of the drawers or cabinets, respect the people still living there by not going through their property. Get whatever dimensions you need and leave the rest.

And lastly, make sure you keep any negative comments to yourself until you’re well out of earshot. While these etiquette rules barely scratch the surface, they give you enough of an idea of what constitutes acceptable behavior in such situations and not. So when you look for open houses in Houston keep this front and center.

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