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5 of the Most Common Myths About Medical Marijuana You Should Know

As medical marijuana becomes legal for more states in America, it is important to educate yourself on the many myths and misconceptions about marijuana before you get your marijuana card in Sarasota FL area..

1. Marijuana or Medical Marijuana Is Not Really Used in Medical Practice

There are more than two million people in America that use medical marijuana to heal and prevent certain ailments. In order for most of these people to get access to this type of treatment, doctors have to confirm that they are suffering from seizures, constant pain, or other serious conditions.

2. Medical Marijuana Is an Excuse to Abuse Substance and Get High

Medical marijuana is often completely free of TCH, the component that gets people high and causes their bodies to react negatively to the plant.

3. Marijuana is Dangerous

Many professionals have proven that cannabis is only really dangerous when it is used too heavily and too frequently. Occasional use is best to avoid any serious or questionable reactions.

4. Cannabis Leads to Cancer

This myth simply has no real medical proof. Cannabis has actually been known to have more positive effects on the body and mind.

5. Cannabis Consumption Can Damage the Lungs

This is another myth that has no real backing or evidence to support it. There are actually many other ways that people can consume cannabis or take cannabis without smoking it. Most patients eat cannabis as an alternative way of consuming it. This method does not have any impact on the lungs.

This information will help you be better prepared for when you get your marijuana card in Sarasota FL. To get more helpful information on the topic, visit the website Neurology of Cannabis at https://neurologyofcannabis.com.

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