5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug Rehab in Broward County Mar13


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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug Rehab in Broward County

Are you trying to find an effective drug rehab in Broward County? It does not matter if it is for a loved one or yourself, you deserve the best treatment and results possible. The problem is figuring out the right drug rehab in Broward County for your needs. We have five basic questions to ask to help you recognize which is the right option for you:

1. What results can I expect from this rehab program?

You may not realize that there are different program options and that each is expected to deliver different results. As a very basic example, a detox program may be just that – detoxification – without any follow-up counseling or programming. There might also be choices for drug rehab in Broward County in which you will be expected to attend meetings, use prescription medications and receive counseling.

Of course, there are also inpatient or residential options, and they may have a more robust list of expectations.

2. Will there be prescriptions to work as substitutes for other substances?

Often, less harmful compounds are used to wean people off of harmful ones. It is known as a harm reduction program. However, they do not lead to authentic sobriety. If your goal is to be fully sober and free of drugs, you may want to consider something other than a harm reduction program.

3. Will this program help me understand why I turned towards drugs/alcohol/behaviors?

Is it of benefit to you to understand just why you became addicted? For many, the answer is yes as it helps them also recognize if they are at risk for further behaviors. If this is something you wish to be part of your drug rehab, be sure that one on one and group counseling are part of treatment.

4. Can life skills counseling be included in the program?

This is a great question to ask as you may need to discuss everything from nutrition and interpersonal communications to job skills and methods of overcoming any further challenges created by addiction. Ask about post-rehab support to ensure you enjoy such activities and resources.

5. Does this seem to offer a nearly instant “cure”?

You may hear or see a program that promises results in 28 days, or so. That would be great, but most addiction takes a lifetime to take hold, and cannot be erased in a few weeks.

If you want an effective drug rehab in Broward County, look for one that gives the answers you need to the questions above.

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