5 Unique Items to Order from a Print Shop in Lancaster County Jan22


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5 Unique Items to Order from a Print Shop in Lancaster County

Owning a small business is a challenge. Marketing is an even bigger challenge because you have to figure out an effective way to reach out to new clients. While there are always flyers and business cards, there are some unique items, which you can use to help promote you and your product. Printing services throughout Lancaster County provide all the necessary printed items for business owners. Unique items will help you stand out above the competition, which means profitable business in the long run. With a little creative marketing effort on your part, you will open up your business to a whole new world of clients. The following are five items you can have printed in a print shop for promotional and marketing efforts.


Any print shop in Lancaster County can print brochures for you. While brochures may seem a bit too common, there are many different design ideas you can create with them. Each page of a brochure has its own margins and pictures. Being creative with color and fonts will grab your clients’ attention.


When utilizing a print shop in Lancaster County, consider the option of designing and creating leaflets. You can place them on bulletin boards, in newspapers, and you can hand them out to your target market. Leaflets are cheap to produce but can be unique, an easy and great way to get in touch with your clientele.


While pamphlets may seem pretty simple, they are very important for business communications. They are a great way to reach your target audience and inform them about your services and products. Pamphlets are smaller in size like flyers, but you can design them in any way you choose.

Custom Stamps

Custom stamps allow your business logo or name to be stamped just about anywhere. You can utilize this for envelops or on paper. Custom stamps are a great way to share your business’ name and image.

The goal is to have your company’s name will be exposed to new clients. Find which idea works best for you and creating a strong marketing campaign around it with the help of a print shop. For more info, visit Cornerstone Graphic Technologies, LLC.

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