A Bail Bonds Service in Stamford, CT Is Ready to Help at Any Time of Day

Posting money or property in exchange for pretrial release began centuries ago in England. The concept was later included in the United States’ legal system, known as bail. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people arrested for alleged criminal activity cannot afford bail. In some states, they have the option of paying a fee for a surety bond posted instead of full bail. This assistance is offered by a bail bonds service in Stamford, CT.

No matter whether the alleged offense is a misdemeanor or a felony, the bonding service can provide help. The same is true whether the charge is for a violent or nonviolent crime. The agency considers the defendant innocent until proven guilty.

The Setting of Bail Amounts

Some defendants are released on their recognizance, meaning a judge decides they are not required to pay bail. Most people do not enjoy this luxury, however. The more common crimes have a standard bail amount. To petition for lower bail or no bail, the person may have to wait for the arraignment. Often, working with a bail bonds service in Stamford, CT is preferable, even though it requires paying a nonrefundable fee. That way, the man or woman is released quickly and can get back to family and work.

All Hours of the Day

An organization like Aces Bail Bonds helps customers at all hours of the day, including weekends and holidays. If someone has been arrested in the middle of the night or on a Saturday afternoon, the family can arrange for the loved one’s release quickly. The person might not even miss any work, which can be crucial for someone who is struggling financially.

Asking for Assistance

When something like this happens, the defendant and the family are fully out of their comfort zone. They may have never even heard of bail bonds before. When they start to do some online research to figure out how to, or contact people they know for help, they hear about the service provided by bonding agencies. That’s all they need to know before they call a licensed agency and ask for assistance. Browse our website to get started.

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