A Brief Comparison of Heating Oil and Propane Nov21


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A Brief Comparison of Heating Oil and Propane

When compared to propane or natural gas, oil heat is safer than both. At room temperature, propane and gas are extremely flammable, but it would take a lot to set heating oil aflame at room temperature, because it is way less flammable. One interesting fact about this fuel is that if somebody lit a match and threw it out onto a puddle of heating oil, they would get no more of a reaction than they would if they flipped the match in a puddle of water. Before it reaches a flammable point, it has to vaporize after reaching 140 degrees. You will have much less chance of accidental explosions when you burn heating oil.

Key Benefits and Pricing

Another huge benefit that heating oil offers is that there is little to no chance that you will face dangerous carbon monoxide leaks like you could with a standard gas or propane furnace. Carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly, and they occur far too often in homes throughout the United States every winter. Oil is a much safer option, hands down, and more people are choosing it as their primary heating source. Heating oil prices in Mystic, CT, and across the nation have fluctuated over the last 20 years or so, but when inflation is taken into consideration, it has actually dropped in price rather than increased like natural gas.

Partner with a Reputable Provider

Andersen Oil Company leads the way when it comes to superior fuel oil commercial and residential delivery services. We treat our valued customers like we want to be treated, and you will always get personalized service when you come to us. Visit our website today to check out delivery locations, new equipment information, and other value information to keep your home warm this winter.

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