A Brief Explanation of CNC Machining in Wisconsin and Elsewhere Mar24


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A Brief Explanation of CNC Machining in Wisconsin and Elsewhere

A common phrase in advertisements for machine shops and in industrial manufacturing in general, is CNC machine services. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to take a brief look at what CNC actually stands for and how CNC machine services by the right shop can help your industrial operation.

CNC Machine Services Defined

CNC is an acronym for “computer numerical control”, and this is a process that starts with a blank piece of material. This material is essentially carved down through computerized machining to create a custom shape or part. The process is used in many industries, including aerospace, because it can be used to create any type of custom part and because it can be performed on multiple materials.

CNC machining is used with plastics, wood, glass, foam and more. The initial piece of material that is machined into a part is called a “blank,” and the process is one where material is removed, or subtracted, until the desired form is achieved. The term “CNC machine” by itself is generally defined as the computerized and automated component that does the work and the overall process is defined as “CNC machining” in industrial literature.

CNC machining is a fundamentally different process from additive processes such as three-dimensional printing where a part or shape is created by adding layers. CNC machining is generally the best process for mass-producing simple custom parts, and three-dimensional printing works well for creating one or two extremely precise, sculpted objects.

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