A Broad Range of Degree Programs Offered at the Best Art College Jul02


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A Broad Range of Degree Programs Offered at the Best Art College

Talented high school students who are passionate about their creative endeavors may have the goal of attending the best art college after they graduate. No matter where they live, these young men and women are likely to have the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at the top of their short list.

An Esteemed Institution

This esteemed institution is connected with one of the most renowned art museums in the world. Men and women who love an urban lifestyle will especially appreciate the location and all the other activities situated nearby.

Fields of Study

While attending the best art college, students have the choice of a broad range of specialty areas. They might concentrate on sculpture and ceramics, painting, photography or performance. Other fields of study focus on an angle not necessarily associated with producing creative works. Examples include education, historic preservation and art therapy.

Some fields of study may seem at first glance not completely relevant to a college of art. However, students receive an intriguing educational opportunity when they pursue these degrees at a top-notch art college. Some examples include writing and new arts journalism. Students can major in film and video, sound, fashion design and architecture.

Several graduate degrees are offered as well. Undergraduate students can continue on at the school if they qualify, and graduates from other colleges are welcome to apply at this particular institution of higher learning. Anyone who is interested may learn all about the school and the programs at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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