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A Couple of Favorite Stars Among Those Who Prefer to Watch Action Movies Online

Action movies always make for thrills and excitement in the theater, and they can easily do the same at home. Many people now watch action movies online and enjoy them every bit as much as when viewing them in cinemas equipped with enormous screens and powerful sound systems.

One of the reasons why action-oriented movies often translate so successfully to the home is that many are driven by stars who are capable of carrying them anywhere. The most popular leading actors among those who watch action movies online inevitably bring huge presences to screens of any size.

History’s Top Action Stars All Have Outsize Personalities

Action movies tend to include so much bombast and excitement that it can be difficult for mere humans to stand out amidst it all. The most successful action movie stars of all time all have instantly recognizable presences and personalities. Some of those who have been most popular among viewers include:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • His record as the “Governator” of California might have been mixed, but Arnold Schwarzenegger could just be the biggest name in action movies of all. The Terminator films that he is probably best known for saw him laying waste to his enemies both physically and with memorable one-liners. Earlier on in his career, Schwarzenegger made the transition from bodybuilding by playing Conan the Barbarian, a stoic warrior of monumental proportions. Although well into his dotage at this point, Schwarzenegger remains a favorite of action movie fans worldwide.
  • Bruce Willis.
  • The Die Hard movies were some of the first to thrust a relatively realistic seeming protagonist into truly unbelievable action sequences. Bruce Willis’s ability to take abuse made him an instant hit with audiences when he played John McClane. Willis did not stick solely to action films over the course of his relatively varied career, but he is probably best remembered today for such roles.

Many More Action Film Standouts to Enjoy

With thousands of action movies now being available for streaming online, fans can always count on enjoying performances from notable actors like these and many others. Sitting down to watch a great action movie at home will almost always make for a good time, in no small part because of the performances the best in the business committed to film.

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