A Few Advantages of Cedar Shake Roofing in Wilmette Il Apr14


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A Few Advantages of Cedar Shake Roofing in Wilmette Il

If you’re in the market for roofing that looks fantastic and is worth a worthwhile investment, then consider cedar shake roofing. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of having roofers in Wilmette, IL, install this product on your home.


Cedar is one of the toughest woods on the planet. It can take a beating from the elements and can stand up to impacts. Cedar also has a natural resistance to insects, such as termites and carpenter ants, that other woods do not. What this all means is cedar shakes will last a long time. Generally speaking, you can get up to and over 40 years out of a well-installed and maintained cedar shake roof.


Cedar shakes are easy to customize. You’ll have the option of choosing between many different stains and paints to achieve the exact look you want from your cedar shake roof. And best of all, you can customize your shakes before or after the roofers in Wilmette, IL, install them.

Energy Efficient

Cedar shakes are great insulators, thanks to the natural properties the wood possesses. In the summer, it will reflect heat from your home, and in the winter, it will retain the heat your house generates. Because of this, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

Looks Great

The aesthetics of cedar shake roofing are stunning and unique. Other types of roofing styles try to copy the look of cedar shakes. However, the only way to get the true one-of-a-kind look that comes with cedar shakes is with cedar shakes.

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