A Gay-Friendly Adoption Lawyer Helps Same-Sex Couples Become Parents Aug14


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A Gay-Friendly Adoption Lawyer Helps Same-Sex Couples Become Parents

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that all states must allow same-sex couples to legally marry. Not until the following year did all 50 states allow these couples to adopt children. Certain issues still can make it difficult for gay and lesbian couples who have this goal. They may work with a gay adoption lawyer in Chicago, IL, to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Relevant Statistics

Open adoptions have become standard. That can create barriers when biological parents are uncomfortable with gay and lesbian couples raising the youngsters. As far back as 2012, 95 percent of adoptions were open to at least some extent, according to a report from the Christian Science Monitor. A gay adoption lawyer in Chicago, IL, knows which agencies are most welcoming of same-sex couples as adoptive parents.

Creating Visitation Schedules

Traditionally, open adoptions have meant that the birth mother or both biological parents could have some limited contact with the child over the years. Increasingly, the trend has shifted to the biological parents being able to build a real relationship with their offspring, even with a regular visitation schedule. A lawyer documents this schedule with the court. It can be modified in the future.

Visitation is set up on a schedule that all parties agree on. Some biological parents are happy with just two or three supervised visits each year. Others want to see the child twice a month or even weekly. Men and women who want to adopt a child increasingly allow liberal visitation because they hope it will boost their chances of being chosen.


As of 2020, adoption agencies cannot legally reject same-sex couples and forbid them from adopting. However, many of these organizations are not gay-friendly. Since biological parents choose the new parents in an open adoption, they can reject any candidates they do not approve of.

Concluding Thoughts

Open adoption can be a warm and loving ongoing situation for everyone concerned. Nevertheless, the process has challenges for gay and lesbian couples in overcoming prejudice and discomfort. These couples may want to reach out to the law firm Metz + Jones LLC using information provided at their website.

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