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A Guide to Mold Remediation in Albany

When homeowners discover mold in the home, it can be difficult to determine the next steps to take. Mold growth can cause a variety of problems, from health issues to a delayed or failed sale. Below are a few tips to help homeowners understand the process of mold remediation Albany while ensuring that the problem is handled properly.

Why is Mold Such a Big Deal?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, mold can be found everywhere, even in dry climates. It usually does not present a problem until it starts growing indoors, and some molds produce irritants and allergens that can cause health issues in sensitive individuals. An indoor air quality specialist can assess the home for the presence of dangerous mold. A pre-sale inspection is a good idea because it can point out hidden mold problems that bring the need for remediation at the seller’s expense.

Indoor Mold Growth Means There’s a Water Problem

If there’s mold growing indoors, there’s a water problem in the home. To eliminate the mold and prevent regrowth, the remediation specialist must find and fix the source of the leak. This can be as easy as repairing an old pipe or adding ventilation to an attic or crawl space.

How Remediation Specialists Should Handle Mold

There’s a significant amount of misinformation on mold and proper removal methods, most of which comes from companies who misrepresent the use of certain techniques and tools. The industry of mold remediation Albany is relatively lucrative, and less ethical companies offer mold removal services without proper training or certification. A licensed, certified company will:

  • Find and resolve the source of leaks that cause mold growth
  • Dehumidify the area to be treated
  • Contain mold to prevent it from spreading
  • Remove contaminated insulation, floor coverings and drywall
  • Treat mold with biodegradable agents that allow for easy removal
  • Bring in an IAQ (indoor air quality) evaluator to test the air and various surfaces

If the company skips the above steps, the problem may not have been handled in accordance with industry standards. When homeowners have questions about mold remediation, they can visit website to schedule a free consultation.

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