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A Kansas City, KS Introduction to the Definitions of Stain, Glaze, & Paint

In Kansas City, KS, and many other American cities, there is a wealth of art and creativity, as well as supplies and project ideas for those that are creatively-minded. For those that have not attempted something creative before, and are now just leaning towards a creative hobby of some sort, they might be a little confused by some of the terminology. For example, non-creatives tend to use paint, glaze and stain interchangeably. However, these three words to a creative person are simply not the same. Here is how to tell these words apart.


Paint is to apply thick or thin layers of a colored substance to a substrate to achieve a colored and decorative work. The paint is applied in multiple layers to achieve an opaque effect. Not much of the original substrate is allowed to show through unless the artist chooses to allow it.


Stains tend to be less opaque, and much more permanent than paint. Paint is easier to remove than stain and stain is allowed to soak into the substrate to a much deeper level without a primer to prevent it from sinking in. Stain adds color, but because of its lack of opacity, the material of the substrate shows through the stain.


A glaze is denser than a stain but lighter than paint. Glazes are often used on ceramics, then heated to produce a glass-like coating and appearance on the objects. If you choose to buy Famowood Glaze Coat, you would see just what a glaze looks like before applying it. Buying Famowood Glaze Coat and other glazes can help you explore the differences between and among these types of creative media. Buy Famowood Glaze Coat to begin your creative adventures.

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