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A Las Vegas Vacation Package: More Than Bright Lights And Casinos

If you purchase a Las Vegas vacation package, chances are you are buying into the brash, bold image of the commercials. Las Vegas is all this. It prides itself on its casinos and tacky weddings. It boasts about its dazzling hotels and risqué nightlife. Yet, the city that never sleeps is more than what this cardboard description portrays.

The Stereotypical Las Vegas

Most vacationers arrive in Las Vegas for one reason. They want to be part of the action. They want to see and partake in everything Las Vegas offers. They want to walk down the Strip and wander from casino to casino. They want to take in the stars that appear nightly and enjoy shows such as those offered by Cirque du Soleil or Celine Dionne. They dine out at replicas of the world’s famous sites, e.g., Eiffel Tower and Venetian gondola. People are most familiar with this vision of the city. They come to lap up the overblown, over-the-top caricature that is Las Vegas.

The Desert

Las Vegas vacation package deals should also tout more than the trendy restaurants and flashy shows. It should extend its inclusiveness beyond the luxurious spas and delightful high-end restaurants. It should make a note of the city’s greatest natural wonder – the Mojave Desert. Abandon the iconic Strip and drive out to Red Rock Canyon. Take along a picnic lunch so you can spend a morning, afternoon or all day absorbing the vibrant colors and fabulous rock formations.

Birders often come to Red Canyon. Come and rediscover the beauty of this desert spot, home to foxes, iguana, small hummingbirds and large eagles.

Las Vegas Vacation Package: Two Vacations in One

Those who come to Las Vegas are usually fans of bright lights and casinos. However, outside this tacky façade is another world. A Las Vegas vacation package will offer you the chance to explore that other great asset of this city – the Mojave Desert and all it contains.

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