A Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer in Washington, PA Helps When Mental Health Symptoms Occur Later On

Sometimes troubling symptoms occur days or weeks after a vehicle accident. Until then, someone who was in the car may have felt fine. There might have been a brief trip to the emergency room, or maybe not even that. But later, when personality and behavior changes rise, family members feel worried. Because of the delay, they may need a motor vehicle accident injury lawyer in Washington, PA if they want to obtain financial compensation to address this problem.


The family may want the person to be evaluated by a medical doctor and perhaps to have a magnetic resonance imaging scan to look for evidence of a traumatic brain injury. If that does not turn up any physical problems, mental health counseling may be in order. Psychology research recognizes that serious car accidents are some of the more common reasons why people develop post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.


If the individual has already accepted a settlement from the automotive insurer, there may be no way to claim more money. A motor vehicle accident injury lawyer in Washington, PA can evaluate the case and determine whether requesting additional compensation would be feasible. One possibility would be if this person was a passenger in the car and the owner of the vehicle. The owner may have already received payment for property damage, but the passenger has not received any compensation.

Quality of Life

Personality changes and mood disorders can disrupt an individual’s quality of life. In some cases, these changes can hurt the work this person does. The family members may not know how to manage the irritability, depression and angry outbursts. The person may become gradually more fearful of riding in vehicles or doing anything that brings reminders of the accident. Psychiatric help can be very beneficial, but financial compensation may be necessary to pay for this.

Lawyers with a firm such as Woomer & Talarico can provide the insurer with everything the adjusters need to approve deserved compensation. Medical records and an evaluation by a psychiatrist or mental health counselor would likely be the minimum. Click here for contact details.

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