A Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia Understands Intangible Aspects Feb17


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A Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia Understands Intangible Aspects

After a person is seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, the insurance company responsible for paying compensation may be willing to pay for lost wages and all medical expenses. A personal injury attorney in Olympia can be valuable for acquiring more compensation for the client that addresses intangible aspects.


Intangible factors are those that do not have a direct, specific dollar amount connected with them. Examples include decreased quality of life, reduced freedom of movement and post-traumatic stress. An insurance company is highly unlikely to compensate an individual claimant for these issues, but when a experienced personal injury attorney in Olympia gets involved, the adjusters know the company is facing the risk of a lawsuit.


An experienced attorney knows the appropriate dollar value to place on problems the client has experienced since the accident. Some of the issues are physical, such as chronic back pain that doctors believe will last a lifetime. Some are in the mental realm, such as difficulties with short-term memory and concentration. Other effects are psychological or emotional, such as heightened anxiety or the new onset of depression.


Compensation for these issues could be used by the injured person in a variety of ways. The person might want to have psychological counseling for anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress. Retraining for a different job may be desirable if pain or mental effects have made it difficult to continue at the current occupation. The individual deserves financial help with moving forward after being harmed by someone else’s behavior.

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