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A Problem With Plumbing in Bellingham, WA, Starts a Lesson for Children

When a young child causes a problem with the home’s plumbing in Bellingham, WA, this is an optimum time for parents to teach the youngster the basics of how plumbing works. First, the immediate problem must be fixed.

A Common Activity

Most commonly, a child has sent a toy down the toilet which becomes stuck in the drain pipe. Children can be fascinated when they watch the water and paper swirling down and disappearing, and they want to watch the process again. In other cases, a child has accidentally dropped a hairbrush, toothbrush or tube of toothpaste into the toilet bowl. Fearing a reprimand from Mom or Dad, flushing seems to be the best solution to hide what has happened.

Tap Water and Pipes

After this problem with the plumbing in Bellingham, WA, has been resolved, the children in the household can be taught some things about where tap water comes from and where it goes. Parents can show their kids plumbing pipes throughout the house, including near the top of the basement ceiling and behind cabinet doors upstairs.

The Water Heater

The water heater can be pointed out as the source of hot water. The youngsters might learn a bit of history about earlier days when residential water came from hand-operated pumps and baths were taken in a big metal washtub.

Calling a Contractor

By calling a contractor who provides both electrical and plumbing service, homeowners can rely on one company for all of these projects. Contact Bode’s Electric today!

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