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A Small Isp Is A Win For Net Neutrality

Net neutrality, in basic terms, is an existing rule that requires internet service providers to provide the same speed and bandwidth for any content on the Internet regardless of its source, be it the website of a small startup, or Apple’s product page, without blocking or throttling access to certain content, as per USA Today.

Its whole point is to foster competition, and eliminate the chance for monopolies to be birthed through the deep pockets of larger companies online paying providers more money for faster services – effectively killing the competitive chances for smaller businesses, with creative ideas and disruptive concepts.

The tech industry is one of the, if not the fastest growing sector globally. Much of the competition and constant reinvention in that industry comes from the fact that anyone can build the next Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or even Google.

But eliminate net neutrality, and you rob millions of existing and future companies, startups and entrepreneurs of their chance to envision their dream and make it a reality.

How Smaller ISPs are Defending Net Neutrality

Despite the pro-business rhetoric of the existing rule of net neutrality, there is a big case against it in the interest of big businesses, especially large ISPs like Comcast, AT&T and Warner Time Cable. These telecom corporations would be able to charge big businesses obscene prices in order to offer them large benefits and special favors in Internet speed and bandwidth, lining their own pockets and improving their potential for profit. Or, they would simply favor their own subsidiaries, instead of better competitors.

With such an egregious stance on online competition, most successful online wireless internet providers – like Safelink Internet – stand proud in their ability to help counteract that by pledging to keep net neutrality alive, while giving customers alternatives to large telecom companies – eventually forcing them to drop their dream of monopoly-creating, predatory business practices.

It’s a long road – but through the support of Internet providers that are purely pro-business, and not just pro-big business, you can vote with your dollar for a continuing competitive environment for the future. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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