A Wheelchair Lift in Your Vehicle is More than a Convenience Mar11


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A Wheelchair Lift in Your Vehicle is More than a Convenience

Having a wheelchair lift in your vehicle is an incredibly effective way to make your life so much simpler. From a lift that will help you load your scooter or wheelchair into the back of your van, to ramps that will lift up, so you aren’t forced to push up an incline to get into your vehicle. Both are available to you through one of the companies that offers wheelchair lifts in Kelowna.

The Difficulty of Getting into Your Van with a Ramp

If you have a powered wheelchair then getting into your van with a ramp is a much easier process than if you have a manual wheelchair. If you have a manual chair it can be tiring on the arms if you have to wheel up the length of the ramp into your vehicle depending on how severe the incline is. There are ramps that you simply go onto then you raise it so that you are wheeling into the vehicle on a flat level instead of an incline. You can also have a lift installed on the back of your van so that if your disability forces you to use equipment like a scooter you can simply attach it to the lift and it will load or unload it from your vehicle. This is incredibly convenient because most scooters are incredibly heavy and impossible to load in and out of a van.

A Company that is There to Help you get a Lift Up!

Since 1989, Can Am Mobility has been making it their job to help people with disabilities regain the level of freedom and independence that they used to enjoy. You will no longer be at the mercy of being worked into someone else’s busy schedule. You can go wherever you want and whenever you want because you will have regained your ability to be mobile.

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