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Advanced Corrective Chemical Peels as Part of Professional Skin Care in Charleston Sc

Practitioners who provide professional skin care in Charleston Sc typically rely on certain lines of products so they can offer treatments not available over the counter. Facials, for instance, can be offered in higher strengths by professional estheticians and medical doctors. Clients turn to these practitioners for chemical peels and other dermal treatments that reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fade blemishes, and even out skin tone.

Personalization of Service

Practitioners of professional skin care in Charleston SC personalize the services for each customer. They create programs for the individual client based on the person’s skin problems and goals. One person may have bothersome acne scars, for instance, while another has areas of blotchy skin because of too much time spent in the sun at a younger age. Different types of skin also are taken into consideration, including color and tone, and whether the tissue tends to be oily, dry, or normal.

Advanced Corrective Peels

An advanced corrective peel only available from facilities such as Ageles Rx can achieve remarkable results for clients who have problems with pigmentation. Areas of hyperpigmentation because of damage from frequent ultraviolet light exposure can be significantly improved. This issue is more common in women and can be very noticeable, especially in bright light. Browse our website for details about the services offered here.

Side Effects

It’s important for clients to understand that these intense peels take about a week for the sloughing away of dead skin cell layers to be completed. Redness and irritation, which are side effects, may last about that long as well. The individual may want to take a few days off work or schedule the peel just before a weekend. After those six or seven days, noticeably clearer, rejuvenated skin will be a welcome result.

After-Care Boosting Products

Depending on the type of peel applied, the person may be sent home with a boosting product to further enhance the results. The first application is performed in the facility, and the person receives enough product a few more treatments at home. This improves the turnover of skin cells so old ones are more quickly replaced with new, healthier tissue.

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