Advantages of Hiring a Brick Paving Service in Kansas City, KS Instead of Choosing Concrete

Once property owners decide they would like to have pavers for a patio instead of poured concrete, or for a driveway instead of asphalt, they must also decide on the material. Brick and concrete pavers; as well as paving stones, are commonly used. There are distinct advantages to choosing a Brick Paving Service in Kansas City KS. Pavers do not include the entire brick but rather a thinner version so the aesthetic and durable qualities can be appreciated without having to dig a deeper bed for installation.


Brick pavers last longer than the concrete version, which can be expected to deteriorate within about 20 years if they are of very high quality. The brick surface will last substantially longer than that. Lower-quality concrete may start cracking and crumbling within an even shorter time frame. If a brick paver ever does deteriorate abnormally soon, it can be removed and replaced.

A Traditional and Natural Appearance

Products installed by a Brick Paving Service in Kansas City KS have a rich, earthy, traditional look that never goes out of style. They can be used to create an elegant or rustic atmosphere. Although concrete pavers can be acquired in a variety of colors, those hues must be added to the mix, as they do not occur naturally.

Consistency With the Home’s Exterior

People who own a brick house may very well want to use brick for the driveway, patio, and sidewalks, so the look is consistent throughout the landscaping. It’s important to note that finding the same house brick and brick paver colors can be almost impossible, especially if the home was constructed some time ago. Property owners will probably want to make the contrast more obvious. Otherwise, it may look as though the owner has unsuccessfully tried to match the two.

A Possible Compromise

Brick pavers cost more upfront, but their other advantages make them appealing to many property owners. If cost is a problem, a compromise might involve using concrete pavers for most of the surfacing and brick pavers for the borders as an enhancement. To get started, homeowners may contact a contractor such as Phillips Paving. Read more at the website.

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