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All About Garage Doors Tinley Park

Before installation or repair on a garage door can be performed, one needs to familiarize themselves with the various parts which make up Garage Doors Tinley Park. Here is everything one needs to know about all the different pieces.


These pieces are responsible for holding the tracks to the walls. It is these tracks which enable the actual garage door to go up and down. When the brackets become loose from use, they will need to have their bolts tightened so they can regain proper function. If the brackets become damaged somehow or even dented or scratched, they may need to be replaced. At the very least, they will need to be hammered out with a rubber mallet.


As stated above, the tracks are the pieces which enable Garage Doors Tinley Park to open and close. The tracks should always be checked before final installation to ensure they are aligned properly and that they are level. The tracks are located on both sides of the door and should be the same height as the walls of the garage door. If the tracks are not aligned, and in their proper position, they should be loosened and then firmly but carefully tapped back into place.


The rollers lay within the tracks to enable the garage door to smoothly roll up and down with no hindrance. Over time, the rollers may become clogged with dirt and grime and become difficult to roll smoothly. If this occurs, the rollers should be thoroughly cleaned and then subsequently lubricated.


Hinges are the most fragile pieces on Garage Doors Tinley Park. They can be damaged very easily. If any of the hinges have become loose or off-center, they will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Any cracks in the concrete floor near the hinges will also need to be repaired. An experienced company such as A Better Door & Window will be able to perform this service in a quick and professional manner.

If the garage door needs to be repaired, then it is time to call in the professionals. Click here to schedule an appointment and have them take a look at what needs to be done.

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