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An Active Adult Living Community Allows Seniors to Age in Place

Many Baby Boomers have chosen to find residential developments that have been designed to meet their needs as they age. Still in their early and mid-Sixties, these folks are looking for communities that have an abundance of convenient physical activities. However, they want homes that are designed to support them as they move into their future decades. Developers have worked hard to meet these requirements. The result is an Active Adult Living Community that provides recreational activities, social engagement, and one-story homes.

Aging bodies find walking up an down stairs to make the beds, do laundry and get to the family room increasingly difficult. People in their 80’s who need walkers are not be able to use the stairs at all. The only option is to put in mechanized stair lifts or to live in a home designed on one floor. Bathrooms are very dangerous locations for older people. It’s very easy to slip in the shower or not be able to stand up out of a tub. Bathrooms designed with a walk-in tub maximize the safety of the person. This useful bathroom fixture allows people to privately attend to their personal grooming, without the help of others.

Staying active is good for people physically and emotionally. Often an Active Adult Living Community is centered around a golf course. Golfers who have worked their entire life, now have the time to spend on their favorite sport. The clubhouse offers a lot of time for socializing and sharing golf tips. However, not everyone enjoys golf. A well-stocked gym should also be available. It should be large and spacious with weight machines, free weights, treadmills, bicycles and rowing machines. There should also be a swimming pool. Swimming is the perfect non-impact sport for aging Seniors with arthritis, fibromyalgia or lupus.

Driving long distances or traversing busy streets becomes very difficult for older drivers. Adult communities should either be near grocery stores, beauty shops or doctor’s offices or provide shuttle services for their residents. Some of these developments actually provide a commercial area within them. This allows residents safe and convenient access to businesses and services they need on a regular basis. Visit Golden Spike Estates.

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