An Agency Providing 24/7 Bail Bond Assistance in Mount Vernon, WA Helps Families on Holidays

Being arrested is an upsetting and scary experience no matter when it happens, but the situation tends to feel even worse on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another special holiday. Organizations providing 24/7 bail bond assistance in Mount Vernon, WA are ready to help if the person or the family cannot afford the full bail amount.

The Setting of Bail

If the defendant must wait for a judge to set the required amount at a bail hearing, then being released on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or a different holiday has to wait. However, many criminal offenses have an automatic bail amount that can be dealt with immediately. The defendant and the family will still be anxious because of the arrest and the criminal case that has developed, but stress is reduced when the individual can be at home.

Regaining Freedom on a Holiday

An agency providing 24/7 bail bond assistance in Mount Vernon, WA issues a surety bond after the customer pays a nonrefundable fee. This allows for pretrial release without having to come up with a large amount of money for bail, which may be impossible on holiday. Banks are closed, and there’s no way to obtain money that’s in a savings, investment, or retirement account.

Obtaining a Bond Before Arrest

In some instances, a person realizes there is a warrant for their arrest. They can schedule an appointment with a bail bonds service before the police officer arrives or before going to the facility voluntarily. Often, people who know they have an arrest warrant turn themselves in voluntarily, facing the inevitable. By having a bail bond ready, the defendant will probably not have to spend a single minute behind bars.

The holidays are supposed to be fun times. Being stuck behind bars on a festive day is depressing and makes the anxiety over being arrested even worse. Family members will feel terrible if their loved one has to sit in jail over Christmas or another holiday instead of spending time with friends and relatives. They can prevent this by working with an agency such as Angie’s Bail Bonds.

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