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Approaching the Team Building Process

As you’ve likely witnessed from watching team sports, there’s a lot of strategy that goes into putting in a winning effort. Coaches keep track of a large assortment of information and know how to use that information to their advantage to help their team record as many wins as possible. They also have to know how to develop a good team. Doing this will take a bit of trial and error, a considerable amount of research and, a lot of study on building winning teams. There are courses like Coach Slow’s NFL Leadership that can help you develop the skills needed, but here are a few tips to help you get started right now.

Be Smart When Choosing Players

You can’t have a successful team unless you choose players with the right complementary skills. Look to your current roster to see if there are any gaps in your team member’s strengths need to be filled. Study your current players’ skills and weaknesses and try to pick someone who can fill the void and complement those skill areas that need shoring up.

On the flip side, coaches of winning teams will tell you, you never want to trade off a valuable team player in exchange for a more “famous” player with “attitude” that could destroy your teams dynamic, unless they can be an even greater asset to your team and are willing to put the team’s needs ahead of their own.

Invest in a Great Quarterback

In football, the quarterback is the backbone of the team. Regardless of your team, find your “quarterback” and develop them into the leader your team can rally around. A skilled “quarterback” can build further success by helping the team mates understand their role in making the team successful. In football, you can sometimes acquire a Quarterback via a trade. In business, you will likely either have to develop one or hire one from another company or competitor. The right quarterback for your team can make the difference between winning and losing so don’t waste time and energy hoping someone will step up. Hire or develop the skilled player you need. Demonstrate to them how playing for your team could bolster their career and present unbeatable opportunities. This suggestion is just one of many priceless tips you’ll learn in courses on building winning teams.

Are you looking to build a winning team? Visit Coach Slow’s website for more great ideas, and consider enrolling in his Leadership Course.

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