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AR-15 Style Rifles: Pros and Cons

The ArmaLite Rifle (AR) model 15 is a lightweight, semi-automatic gun that is beloved and used by hunters, paramilitary personnel, target shooters, and home defense buyers. It is one of the most popular rifles in the United States today.

The original intent of the weapon’s creation was to act as a light rifle that had little recoil for civilian use. The creation of the rifle did not receive immediate interest from the military, and the patents and design were sold to another company called Colt.

Colt had been designing and providing weapons to civilians and the military since the 1800s. Colt took the AR-15 model and developed an improved version, the M16.

The company later sold this M16 to the military and the gun ultimately became the primary weapon used by the infantry during the Vietnam War.

What is the AR-15 used for?

The AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is used by hunters, target shooters, and as a home and property personal protection weapon.

The AR-15 has a similar caliber to most hunting rifles. It can be used as a semi-automatic hunting rifle creating a more efficient hunt.

The many accessories available for this rifle allows users to customize it to suit their tastes. The main upgradable parts include grips, stocks, and optics.

The size, minimal recoil, and simple operation mechanism make it a popular choice from many in lieu of keeping a cheap handgun or a shotgun around the house.


How the rifle feels in your hands can be a deal breaker. If the weapon is uncomfortable, the consumer is less inclined to buy it. The AR-15 comes with a reasonably comfortable grip but also offers a couple of other grip options like a pistol grip or a vertical foregrip.

Grips not only help with comfort but may even reduce the already minimal recoil of the rifle. This allows for a more accurate shot because the weapon will not be swaying and jerking.

A high-quality grip can enhance your shooting experience with the AR-15.


Stocks, like grips, will ease the recoil the AR-15 gives off and allows the operator a cleaner shot with fewer adjustments. The stock also allows for comfort as you rest it against your cheek. Most stocks have an adjustable length. They come in different materials adding various amounts of weight to the weapon. If you want to keep your AR-15 light, then it is best to choose a stock that is also light.


When it comes to accuracy, adding optics is the key to your success. Iron sights can always get the job done, but if you want a higher chance of hitting your target, then an optic sight is a must-have.

The two most common optic sights are the red dot and the holographic.

The red dot sight typically weighs less and is mounted closer to the center which makes the rifle feel less bulky.

The holographic sights are lightweight and have a changeable reticule in the center. The shape and size of the reticule can be adjusted to your preference.

Optics are excellent for improving your accuracy and giving your AR-15 a clean, advanced look.

Are there any negatives associated with the AR-15?

The AR-15 does not have many bad features, but every weapon has its advantages and disadvantages.

One feature considered by many as a negative is the soft plastic materials that make up the bulk of the frame.

To many, this is an advantage because it makes the weapon lightweight, but the tradeoff is that the rifle is less durable and easier to break.


The AR-15 has a slick design that is appealing to the eye. It does not weigh a lot compared to other rifles in its class and has virtually no recoil.
There is little to no design flaws. It is considered by many as one of the best semi-automatic hunting rifles on the market.

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