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Are You Looking for Diamond Buyers, Find Them in Chicago

There are plenty of reasons why you may find yourself in a position to sell diamonds. Perhaps you inherited antique jewelry from a family member, or you have a diamond ring from a marriage that did not work out as planned. There are diamond buyers that are in a position to give excellent prices for diamonds, many of which are conveniently located in Chicago.

There is never a bad time to sell diamonds; prices always rise because the supply is managed. The industry leader, DeBeers, produced 27 million carats a couple of years ago; this is a considerable decline in the annual production averages. When the production of diamonds is cut, the prices rise, but unlike gold, which has a scrap value when melted, selling diamonds is a little more complicated.

If you are considering selling your diamonds, consider the following.

Get an Appraisal

Go to reliable, well-known diamond buyers to get an honest assessment of what you have. You can use an appraiser that does not buy and sell diamonds, or you can ask several qualified appraisals from diamond buyers. Either way, you will get an accurate picture of what you are dealing with.

Be Realistic

It is easy to look at diamond jewelry in a showcase and get the wrong idea of what your diamonds may be worth. These prices include settings and seller’s markup. Diamond buyers are not genuinely interested in the setting; they focus on the specifics of the diamond, its weight, clarity, and color.

Do Your Research

When selling diamonds, there are two viable options: sell to diamond buyers or an individual. When you sell to people in the business, you can realize a sale quickly, though the price may be a little less than it would be if you sold privately. If speed is your priority, find a buyer that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and employs GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graders and buyers.

If you are looking for professional diamond buyers, visit Chicago Gold Gallery. You can feel confident that you are getting a fair price when you sell to the best diamond buyer in Chicago. Visit for further information.

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