Are You Looking To Buy A New Or Used Pickup Truck For Use Around Oak Lawn Illinois? Jul27


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Are You Looking To Buy A New Or Used Pickup Truck For Use Around Oak Lawn Illinois?

Pickup trucks have a long history in this country (there was even a Model T pick up). Pickups were originally intended for haulage duties but they soon became equally popular as:-

  • either a person’s individual, personal use vehicle,
  • or as a working vehicle transporting goods in its open bed at the rear.

The level of luxury and sophistication found in today’s pickups clearly demonstrates the popularity of their personal use.

The Ford F-Series

This series covers light through to medium trucks classified from 2 to 7. The series first came into being in 1948. The 150 is the most popular and it is now in its 13TH generation. In 1977 it first became the best selling pickup in the United States and has been one of the best selling vehicles of any type since 1981.

Regular, Double Cab Or Crew Cab?

The regular cab has only 2 doors and front seats making it possibly a better choice for work duties. The double cab has 4 doors and front and rear seat rows (better for private use or for transporting a gang of workers with their tools in the open bed at the back). Double cab pickups are also known as extended or super cab pickups. The crew cab name applies when the pickup can seat 5 or 6 adults.

Buying A Ford F-150 In Oak Lawn

The best starting point would be a Ford dealer who will have most of the main options available for this model in stock and in a range of colors. There is also a strong likelihood that the same dealer will have second hand vehicles available and many of them will be certified pre-owned and come with a warranty.

Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn is an authorized dealer for Ford F-150 in Oak Lawn. Therefore, if this is the pickup you are interested in, they are the people that you should be checking out. Go to Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn at for more information.

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