Arranging Arrangements: The Importance of Floral Design Aug09


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Arranging Arrangements: The Importance of Floral Design

One of the most special milestones in a young couple’s life, weddings are the ultimate opportunity to showcase your expertise as a wedding designer. While your end goal is for everything to coalesce, it will take great effort and a keen eye to ensure that each detail fits perfectly. Among these, flowers are perhaps one of the most critical components to success.

When designing a floral arrangement, you’ll want to seek the input of both the bride and groom. From favorite and least favorite flowers to potential allergies of friends and family, it will take commitment and perseverance to find and arrange the ultimate bouquet. If the bride’s preferred flora is out of her budget, you’ll need to cull your expertise to find a replacement; alternatively, you risk complete ruin if you purchase arrangements too early or from a cheap provider.

Of course, you’ll need to complement your floral arrangement with the rest of the ceremony (not to mention the reception!). Constantly check in with the bride and groom to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and scope out the venue far in advance to ensure that your final design will fit the flow of the space. Consider both traditional and modern arrangements, perhaps incorporating heirlooms or memorabilia along with the flowers themselves.

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