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Arrested in Dekalb County? How Jail Bonds Work To Get You Out!

It can happen to anyone. A late night and a lapse in judgment leads to an officer pulling a car over. He smells alcohol on the driver’s breath and the driver is in trouble. Or, a couple is having a heated argument and a neighbor decides to call the police. One spouse, in a moment of anger, accuses the other of domestic violence, who is then brought directly to jail.

After enduring the humiliation of the booking process, a detainee will be allowed to make a phone call. If the alleged crime is not a felony and in a less serious or more common category, the detainee will often be allowed to post bail right away and avoid an overnight in jail. The phone call will probably be to a friend or relative who is asked to assist in coming up with the bail money.

If the alleged crime is of a serious nature, or unusual, or the charges are complex, then the detainee will need to wait for a bond hearing, usually on the following day. At this hearing, the judge will hear the details of the accusations and assess the likelihood that the accused will flee if bonded out. Then the judge will set bail, the amount of which is fairly standard in most states, depending on the seriousness of the charges.

Once bail is set, it is up to the accused to come up with the money in order to be released until the date set for their court appearance. As anyone can imagine, most people in this situation want to be release ASAP and with as little hassle as possible. That is where the bail bondsman comes in. Usually a friend or relative will contact the bail bond company, who will post bail with a deposit of a certain percentage of the total bond.

When in need of Jail Bonds in Dekalb County, the help of a professional and experienced bail bond company is vital for this process to proceed smoothly and in compliance with the laws of the state. When unexpected arrests happen, there is no better friend to have than a competent bail bond company.

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