Arrested on a Felony Charge? Hire a Criminal Attorney in Washington, DC Sep05


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Arrested on a Felony Charge? Hire a Criminal Attorney in Washington, DC

When people are arrested for a crime, the police often try and get them to confess. They tell them that the judge will go easier on them, if they cooperate with the police. The insinuation is that they should talk to the police, before they talk to a criminal attorney in Washington, DC. This is not the case. The minute that a person is arrested, they should invoke their right to a lawyer. Then they need to be quiet.

When they are put in a holding cell in jail, they should not say anything. When they call their parents or spouse to get a lawyer, they should not say they got caught stealing or selling drugs. The police often monitor these phone calls and a statement of guilt can be used in court. The only conversation that can’t be used as evidence is the one that the defendant has with their Criminal Defense Attorney.

Criminal attorneys answer their phone 24 hours a day seven days a week. So people who have been arrested can have a lawyer as soon as possible. The attorney will meet with the client and review the arrest report. This will give them an idea of the evidence that the police have against their client. It will also give them a chance to argue that the police violated their client’s constitutional rights. If their client is a black teenager in baggie pants and hoodie that was just walking down the street when the police stopped and frisked him, the lawyer may argue that the police did not have probable cause for the search. That means that the drugs or gun that were found on the teen can’t be used as evidence.

Once the defendant is out on bail, their attorney will admonish them not to discuss their case at a bar and especially on social media. The police often monitor these kinds of sites. If the police don’t see it, there’s a good chance that someone will call the police and report it. This will be new evidence that is admissible in court. The lawyer will continue to attempt to represent their client and to minimize any jail time or fines. For more details, visit the website

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