Ask About Heating and Cooling in Apartments in Charlottesville, VA

Many students move into student housing or find apartments for rent in Charlottesville VA during the fall. One of the nice things about the fall is that it offers mild weather. It’s usually not too hot or cold. This can present a challenge for students looking for a place to live as they may forget to check whether the air conditioning or the heating is working properly.

Issues with air conditioning and heating are more prevalent in older buildings. During the summertime, they become saunas. In the winter, they become freezing cold. This is something that is not easy to know until that time of year comes.

Before moving into apartments for rent in Charlottesville VA, it’s good to ask the landlord about central heating and air conditioning. You may be required to provide an air conditioning unit yourself. If that’s the case, you will want to determine where the unit needs to be located.

A good way to know how the heating and air conditioning works is to talk to your future neighbors. By striking up a friendly conversation with them, you will know if there are issues with the thermostat and whether the heating or air conditioning is reliable when you need it the most. It’s good to ask whether the heating or cooling habits of neighbors has an impact on the temperature in other units.

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