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Avoid the DMV: Use Third Party Services

No one like going to the DMV. It is time-consuming, slow, and they are not open at any time that is convenient for people working an 8-5 job. This means getting to the DMV often requires the use of a sick or vacation day. This is not only inconvenient but can be an issue for people who do not have paid leave or that have used it all. There are, however, alternatives for people in states such as Illinois that have agreed to license out certain DMV functions to private businesses. Now you can get your vehicle licenses, and title transactions are done without ever having to go to a state sponsored DMV.

Better Hours

Since these businesses are privately owned and not run by the government, you can expect different operating hours. This means that you can potentially take care of registering your new car after work rather than having to take a half day to accomplish this. Depending on the company you may even be able to go by on weekends. This depends entirely on the company you are working with.


These companies are only endorsed, not owned or run, by the state’s DMV, so they are going to be managed by independent business owners. This means you should expect better customer service than you would likely get at the DMV. Lines are likely to be faster, and you are less likely to have to make multiple trips because you were only told you needed one additional item each time you go.

In states where the state DMV has outsourced many of its functions, residents now have the option to go to one of these businesses and save time and energy when registering or renewing their vehicles. This is still state specific, and only certain states like Illinois currently offer these services.

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