Bail Bonding in Mansfield, TX Fills an Important Need in the Justice System Feb13


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Bail Bonding in Mansfield, TX Fills an Important Need in the Justice System

The bail system used by U.S. courts was not originally intended to punish defendants with lengthy jail sentences but that’s exactly what has developed over time. So many men and women cannot afford cash bail that it leaves many defendants having to wait behind bars for weeks or months before the case ends. Bail bonding in Mansfield, TX, is one solution to this serious problem.

A Conundrum

Not all states have bail bonds agencies. This leaves defendants without a lot of money in a conundrum. Researchers agree that many people plead guilty in a plea bargain simply so they can go home. They give up their chance to a fair trial or the possibility of a judge dismissing the case.

In contrast, defendants who live in Texas may qualify for bail bonding in Mansfield, TX. Contact us today to ask questions and learn what the fee for this service will be.

Relevant Statistics

About 70 percent of detention center inmates throughout the nation are only there because they cannot afford bail. Defendants and their families who live in Texas have the option to contact us today to begin the application process for a bail bond.

Bail is intended to provide motivation for defendants to appear in court as required after being released, as the money is refunded to those in full compliance. Statistics show that some 95 percent of defendants released without any bail still appear at their court appointments. For that reason, an organization like Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds, with the website, can offer service.

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