Basic Facts About Fire Damage Cleanup

When a house fire is over and the firefighters have left, it may seem as if the danger has passed. However, without professional help in cleaning up the fire and smoke damage, things can’t get back to normal. Fire damage restoration requires certain skills and tools. Read on to learn basic facts about Fire Damage Cleanup in Westfield NJ.

Fire is the Immediate Danger

If left untreated, smoke and ash damage can cause lingering odors and corrosion. Fire damage restoration professionals can deal with the damage before it becomes a major problem, as long as the homeowner calls soon enough. Many companies advertise restoration services, but only those with the right training should be considered.

Make the Call as Soon as Possible

Fire damage restoration professionals can clean and restore a home, but only if they’re called right away. Ash can discolor almost any surface, and sometimes the damage is permanent. Calling a professional immediately minimizes the chance of permanent damage.

Delaying the Call Can Increase the Cost of the Job

If a restoration company is not called soon after the fire, job costs rise substantially after a few days. Metals may need replacement, carpet can become discolored, and odors can be unbearable. Ash is highly acidic, and it can cause severe damage if left uncleaned.

A Trained Restoration Team Can Find the Problem

When they arrive on the scene, the restoration team will find all affected materials and pinpoint the source of any odors. Ash is easily stirred up, and it can land on almost anything. The team will decide what may be salvaged and will clean up any residue. Once the cleanup is complete, experts will treat the area with special cleaners that neutralize odor. Following that, surfaces are sealed to prevent further odor intrusion.

A house fire is a devastating event, and it can have lasting emotional, physical, and economic effects. To minimize the health risks and get the home back to normal, it’s important to call a pro as soon as possible. By hiring a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Central Union County & SERVPRO of Roselle, homeowners can get the Fire Damage Cleanup in Westfield NJ they need to set things right.

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