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Basic Guidelines for Resurfacing Concrete Pools

Swimming pools made from concrete are quite common in many homes making their regular maintenance by professionals a sought after service by many homeowners. Although resurfacing may sound a bit complicated to most people, it usually involves removal of mildew that has built up over time and any other stains that may make the pool look unpleasant. Fortunately, there are number of companies that offer services in concrete pool resurfacing Orange CA making it possible to have your pool back to its original condition.

What to expect from pool resurfacing professionals

The process of concrete pool resurfacing Orange CA can differ from one company to another but there are some cut across the board regardless of the service provider. Here are some processes you are likely to see pool resurfacing service professionals do in your pool before declaring it open for use.

  • First, the pool will be emptied of all the water so that they can get access to the areas that need resurfacing. Most professionals have equipment that they use to quickly remove the water before the resurfacing work begins. When the pool is empty they also have the chance to see the extent of damage and plan on the best way to do the resurfacing successfully.

  • Second, sandblasting which involves the propelling of material in fine bits using high velocity is done to remove any stains on the pool surface. If there is any loose finish on the tiles that are used in the pool, it is also removed during this process leaving it looking as good as new.

  • Third, is the application of pool paint that is high quality so that it preserves the surface for longer. The paints are diverse in the effect they have on the final look of the pool such as a glossy finish among others. Apart from painting the pool surface, primer coating on the tiles can also be added so that they are protected from damage and last longer as well.

  • Finally, when the resurfacing on the pool is complete and other related repairs have been done, clean water is pumped back so that it can be ready for use.

Get the best resurfacing for your concrete pool

For the best result when resurfacing your concrete pool, it is important to work with reputable professionals. Alan Smith Pools is one such company that offers resurfacing services for both small and large pools in Orange CA. They also offer swimming pool replastering for their clients that want to prevent cracks from developing in their concrete pools. To get a free estimate for resurfacing or replastering of your pool, or even both, contact them today!

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