Benefits Of A Regular Roof Cleaning In Peachtree City Sep16


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Benefits Of A Regular Roof Cleaning In Peachtree City

It is not uncommon for homeowners to replace their roofs when all they really need to do is have their roof cleaned. There are signs that the roof does actually need to be replaced, such as missing or decaying shingles, if the granules on the shingles have worn off, or if the roof is over 25 years old, you will need to have it replaced. However, if the roof is streaked or if there is moss growing on the roof, you could benefit by hiring a company who specializes in roof cleaning. There a few ways a roof can benefit from a good cleaning.

Curb Appeal
A company who specializes in roof cleaning in Peachtree City will use a biodegradable chemical that will remove the black stains and the moss from the roof. This type of cleaning will bring the roof back to the way that it looked when it was new. Also, the effects will last for over a year. This will greatly improve the home’s curb appeal.

Protect the Roof From Damage
Having the roof cleaned every 18 to 36 months can actually extend the life of the roof. This will keep the moss from growing on the roof and the magma from appearing. These are things that can degrade the shingles, requiring the homeowner to replace their roof sooner than they should.

Cost Effective
It is much cheaper to clean the roof and keep it properly maintained than it would be to replace the roof. The average cost to repair a 900 square foot roof is $5,500. To have the same size roof cleaned would cost around $260.

Keeps the Roof Warranty in Effect
Most roofs come with a warranty. In many cases, there is a stipulation that goes along with the warranty. The homeowner must clean and properly care for their roof if the company is going to repair or replace the roof under the warranty. When they have their roof cleaned on a regular basis, the warranty will remain in effect.

Considering all of the benefits that roof cleaning offers and the relatively low cost of the service, homeowners should consider having their roof cleaned regularly.

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