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Benefits Of Using A Machine Laser in San Antonio

Recent industry statistics suggest that nearly half of all labor costs in repairing factory machinery are due to the misalignment of shafts. These misalignments can occur due to a multitude of reasons. For instance, a pump shaft becomes misaligned when neither shaft is running on the same axis as the other. The alignments should occur not only vertically but horizontally as well. It is only by ensuring proper alignment that downtime and multiple failures can be avoided. Here are some other benefits that a business can expect to see from having their machinery aligned with a machine laser in San Antonio.

No Human Error

While it must be said that humans are very good at correcting errors, there is still the danger of human error and other natural effects that simply cannot be avoided when humans are involved. When a laser is used, there is no risk of poor eyesight being a factor in not aligning the machinery correctly. There is also no chance of gravity having any effect since a laser is nothing more than concentrated light, which is not affected by gravity. Other such things, such as bracket sag, also have no bearing on how well a laser does its job.

Extreme Precision

Laser alignment tools come with highly specialized software that can mathematically determine very precise coordinates. These values can be used to make corrections both vertically and horizontally at a very infinitesimal level, which is something that would be very hard to do manually with no laser guidance. The software for Machine Laser in San Antonio may also come with options for correcting other alignment issues such as bolt or base bound or even soft foot conditions. The correct alignment coordinates can also be stored digitally right in the program so there is no guesswork the next time the machine needs to be realigned. The laser can simply be programmed with the old numbers and it gets right to work aligning the shafts.

For more information on how machine laser alignment can work for the company, contact a reputable and experienced business such as Laser Precision. A friendly and knowledgeable member of the staff will be able to answer any questions posed to them.

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